Small Business Procurement Luncheon

Noon - 1:30 pm

Ballroom B

Ticket Required

Anthony Daniels
Alabama State House of Representatives
House Minority Leader

Anthony Daniels was supposed to be an athlete. And then a physical therapist. And then a teacher. But instead, he’s making Alabama history as the state’s first African American House minority leader, and also as the youngest House minority leader in Alabama history.

“What I do in the legislature, I touch and talk to every member that is present every week, check on members of their families,” Daniels said. “I’m honest with them.”

Daniels, named the 2015 “Legislator of the Year,” continued: "And my motto has always been identifying areas of common ground, that people help themselves and promote the betterment of all human beings, rich or poor, but most importantly what helps Alabama and moves Alabama forward. That’s what I’ve always been about. I don’t waste my time on silly pieces of legislation that does not create any jobs but is divisive; I don’t waste my time on those pieces of legislation. Issues like marriage equality and other issues have already been settled at the federal level so the only way that those issues will be brought up is if somebody is trying to play politics, and I call them out if they do."

Ron Uba

U.S. Department of Commerce

Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA)

Senior Business Development Specialist

Ron Uba was born in Denver and attended University of Colorado in Boulder (Analytical /BioChemistry). He completed Masters of Science at the University of Southern California (Informatics Science Operations). In addition to starting his 17 Year Government career his freshman year in Aquaponics and C14 Geiger Counter Development while at the U.S. Geological Survey Laboratories for Water Quality Control, Ron worked at the US Department of Commerce at International Trade Administration, United Nations, the U.S. Census Bureau.

Currently, Ron serves on the Labs to Market Team and is the Access to Contract Opportunities Senior Business Development Specialist at the Minority Business Development Agency. Mr. Uba focuses on working closely with the 39 funded MBDA centers and special projects to help MBE’s identify and seek contract opportunities by facilitating engagements where buyers, and sellers from various supply chains where agriculture, environment, high technology, commercial innovation, health care, transportation, energy, new construction and IT make a noticeable impact in job creation and sustain robust revenue streams.

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